Monday, 31 August 2009


I'm sitting at the dining room table chatting to Boy #1 whilst he finishes his lunch. In an attempt to divert the conversation away from constant requests to watch Ice Age on dvd in daylight hours, I threw in a bit of a curve-ball...

Me: "Listen to that song on the radio, Boy #1. It's about a girl wishing a boy was her boyfriend. One day you might have a girlfriend..."

Boy #1 stopped eating, put his sandwich down, and looked at me. He raised his left eyebrow (where did he learn that by the way? It's so unfair when your 5 year old can do stuff like that when you can't...)

Boy #1: "Mama. Don't be silly. I don't need a girlfriend. When I grow up I am going to be married!"

Me: "Really? Well, that's good. Who did you have in mind?"

Boy #1: "I am going to marry E."

This was new news. Previous candidates mooted by Boy #1 for his bride to be had been J or R. What happened to them, I wondered? I asked.

Boy #1: "Well, it's obvious Mummy. They don't have the right dvd's. I am going to marry a girl with the right dvd's. J and R just have (sneer) Barbie stuff. Some girls are like that..."

Me: "But not E?"

Boy #1: "Not E. She has grown up dvd's. Like Kung Fu Panda. Please may I get down now?"

He wandered away, leaving me to question why on earth I had never realised that finding a life-partner was so simple...


  1. Doesn't he realize he can buy those DVD's. He doesn't even have to get married. You should inform him.

  2. I think he's being rather sensible - basing his marital choice on having things in common, rather than pure animal attraction, as all dating agenies would probably advise. If they both like Ice Age, that's a good starting point....

  3. You mean you didn't check out your boyfriends' dvd collections? Basic stuff, Potty Mummy.

  4. My husband has some very good DVDs.

  5. My ex has shit taste in dvds. I should have known. Now I know I only have myself to blame. Marriage has also been a regular topic of conversation in our house of late. Johnny Drama is determined to marry Captain Underpants and gets quite distraught when he is told that is extremely unlikely (not to mention totally illegal). Captain Underpants is going to marry a girl when he is 20. Which is just sooooo old in his opinion.

  6. Now I know where I've been going wrong - I don't have any DVDs!

    Thanks to Boy 1 for making that all clear to me.

  7. IM, yep. Is that a good thing? It can't be changed, even if it isn't!

    Irene, the thing is he already HAS that dvd. So it must be compatability he's after...

    NVG, Ice Age? They love it. I will book the wedding venue now to be sure of a decent rate.

    Iota, it would all have been in Dutch so he might have got away with having bad taste. No, I checked out Husband's cd's - and then married him anyway...

    Mwa, no boasting, now!

    Nicola, yep, the writing was on the wall if only we knew where to look for it; when I look back at a previous relationship with a guy who had multiple copies of First Blood, I should have known too and saved myself a few years!

    Mud, aha, and now you do know, which ones are you going to buy? Because apparantly you'll be judged by those choices. (No pressure, then!)

  8. Had I based my decision on this I would have never married Hubby. His choices were wrestling, horror films, and some very stupid police-related movies.

    If only I had known that this was the way it is supposed to be done!

  9. Something tells me you would have done it anyway though Lisa...


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