Friday, 7 August 2009

Cake-aholics Anon

I've done it. My epic Week of Baking is over. In the last 5 days I have made 1 vanilla cake, 3 almond and orange blossom cakes, and 2 chocolate cakes. I am all caked out and do not want to see another recipe book now until, oh, at least next Tuesday.

With the final two in the oven, the Boys and I have wiped the last of the chocolate mix from our cheeks, our hands, and the walls. (Just kidding, sis, in who's kitchen this final extravaganza has taken place). And of course I'm also kidding about wiping the cake mix off my face - my body is a temple. I didn't touch the dreadful stuff myself...

Yesterday in the comments box I was asked why my mother needed so many birthday cakes. Well, firstly - and most importantly - I am of the opinion that one can never have too many birthday cakes. (Some day I hope someone will apply this logic to my own birthday...) Secondly, whilst they are all for her birthday, only three of them are strictly birthday cakes; the others are for pudding at the dinner she's having for to celebrate reaching a not insignificant number tomorrow. And yes, I know that still leaves her with 3 actual birthday cakes, but one was for her birthday proper at the beginning of the week (and is now an ex-cake), and two are to dish out to friends and family at her party with coffee tomorrow. And thirdly, a girl's got to get her sugar fix from somewhere, and if it takes offering to be Head Baker to justify the odd finger-full of sweetness from a bowl of cake-mix, well, bring it on.

Now, amazingly enough, baking is not the only activity that happens in the Potty household, and in a desperate attempt to dispel that thought here's a link to Have a Lovely Time, where I've written a review of a trip the Boys and I made to the Hawk Conservancy in Hampshire earlier this week.

We took cake.



  1. yes. I do believe I need 6 cakes for my next birthday... insignificant number though mine is... I shall request 6 cakes. Or at least the mixture for 6 cakes... YUM!

  2. Seeing as though I am turning 55 next month, I think I need at least 5.5 birthday cakes. I think that's fair, don't you think? And I leave it to you to take care of it, PM.

  3. Hmm cake! I love the sound of the almond and orange blossom ones.

    You've been tagged over at mine x

  4. You're making me crave cake now. Fortunately I am hopeless at making them, and have none in the house.....

  5. I suppose the two little guys have got the bowl licking covered? Dammit. Happy Birthday to your Mum!

    Mya x

  6. That's too many cakes! You're inspiring me, though. (No! There goes the diet.)

  7. Hi,
    Just to say that I agree, you can never have too many cakes.
    Also, how does one join "Cake-acholics Anon"?
    Hope all is well.
    x jo

  8. Ooh - wish I'd been around when you were in the midst of your cake-making frenzy. I am always good where licking out the bowl is concerned. And good to hear that your body is still a temple and that you were not tempted to indulge. I believe you. Of course I do.

  9. Mummy McT, good idea; cut out the middleman (in case the oven) and go straight for the cake mix!

    Irene, 5.5 birthday cakes sounds eminently suitable to me. Although I'm not sure how well mine would travel through the post so you might need to source them a little closer to home...

    Sandy, thanks for the tag, and check out Nigella's 'How to Eat' for the recipe. I have to say, it was DELICIOUS!

    NVG, it's all in the oven, I find. And yes, in having the ingredients for them in the first place...

    Mya, they most certainly did have. Sorry...

    MtW, you know, I'm not sure. Maybe we should set up a sub-group on the British Blogging Mummy's ning?

    Nicola, well obviously you would believe me. My having the figure of a greek goddess and all...


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