Thursday, 28 August 2008

Don't mess with the Boss

Take a deep breath - but do it quietly.

Boy #2 is sleeping.


Not without a fight, mind you, but it was always one I was going to win (for the moment, anyway). Because he may now be able to reach the dimmer switch by his cot to turn on the lights when he's supposed to be napping - but I can reach the fuse box.


Chocolate all round?


  1. Out witted! Well done. Now crack open the champers and try not to wake him with the cork popping.

    I'm tiptoeing around in sympathy.

  2. hehe! But can you still use the kettle?

    Getting married next summer and have started thinking about children. You make it sound rather less boring than a lot of Mums!

  3. I would Mud - but the school run starts in 20 minutes...

    Rachel, thanks, but I'm afraid there are no 2 ways about it, it can sometimes be CRUSHINGLY boring. I find though that it helps to write it down - putting it in words helps to find the humour in a lot of rather unfunny situations...

    Congratulations, by the way! (Word of advice - no children at the ceremony - you have the rest of your life to spend every important event with them...)

  4. Oh HOORAY! Ignore my last comment then.. you're laughing.

  5. Thanks for the advice! That was actually one of my first decisions but in actual fact only one person I know has children. She has left me under no allusions as to how hard parenting is and is looking forward to a weekend 'off' next summer.

  6. As they say over here (at every opportunity they blooming-well can!) HIGH FIVE!

  7. Of course he will gain in ingenuity and be stashing candles and matches away in his cot soon! That's the spirit that made Britain Great! t.xx

  8. Brilliant! Maybe he will be encouraged into a career as an electrician. Chocolate? Mine's a Twix.

  9. Yep, been there done that! Strike One for Mum lol!

  10. Ah, younger mother - your days of bliss are limited. At 2.5 it is unlikely that he will be napping in the afternoon for too much longer. However, not wanting to blight your horizon for too long, the upside of that is that he will sleep longer at night - or at least that's what I found.
    I swear my 2 boys knew when they were turning 2, and eschewed any idea of a nap, but have slept 11-12 hours per night ever since. Bliss.

  11. Hi BM - so far, so good...

    M/M; make that High 10 - it worked again last night.

    Aims, if the cap fits!

    KP - it's probably only a matter of time...

    AM - am trying to keep exactly how the great switch off works a secret. We'll see how long I get away with that!

    Hi Tracey - not as green as I'm cabbage looking...

    Sharon, good to know I'm not alone in the Devious Mum Club

    EPM, you're right, you're right, I know it. But I just can't help hoping to hold onto that precious hour for a little bit longer...


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