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>> Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I've cracked.

More of why later....


aims 11 March 2008 at 16:05  

Oh dear - I see a hypodermic in there....

Like I said - Easter is 'how' far away??

Guineapigmum 11 March 2008 at 16:51  

mmm - is that Neurofen? Doesn't look good. Hope the chocolate was though.

Good luck!


Pig in the Kitchen 11 March 2008 at 17:44  

wow, far out man, must try the nurofen chocolate combination. Do you take an LSD chaser with ice?

oh dear, feeling guilty about my flippant bullying in the last comment box...
hope all is well with you. I suspect Law of the Universe 327 has swung into action. It being the one that decrees;
'When your partner is away - and especially if he is in a different time zone - the chances of you having to deal with an ill child increase dramatically....'
Good luck,

Potty Mummy 11 March 2008 at 20:05  

Aims, not a hypodermic - not yet, anyway - but a medicine syringe which is just perfect for getting painkiller into a 2 year old who has no intention of taking it...

GPM, it is. And it doesn't. And oh yes, it was...

Hi Pig, I haven't tried the Nurofen / chocolate combi myself, but it certainly seems to work a treat for the boys...

And actually, it's Law of the Universe 328: '....the chances of you having to deal with 2 ill children increase exponentially...'

Mya 11 March 2008 at 21:48  

Hope they're feeling better soon... And I hope hubster's toe is better too. Ouch. Hang in there.

Mya x

Rosie 11 March 2008 at 22:09  

Oh no, it's got something to do with chocolate hasn't it?

Potty Mummy 11 March 2008 at 22:19  

Thanks Mya. I'm sure the boys will be fine (you know how kids bounce back so quickly - though am still waiting for that), but I think Husband's toe may rather cramp his style on our weekend away skiing in a few days...

Rosie, everything has something to do with chocolate if you work hard enough at it!

Pig in the Kitchen 11 March 2008 at 22:23  

nice dualit toaster by the way, a bit cleaner than mine...have you been scrubbing it with a toothbrush? ;-)

Potty Mummy 11 March 2008 at 23:07  

Pig, clearly I would never do such a thing.

I leave that to the cleaner.

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