Friday, 10 January 2020

'Mom jeans'. Really?

My blogging mate Toni Hargis posted the following comment this morning on fb:

'Mom jeans, M&S???
What fresh hell is this?'

Well, quite.

Has the world gone mad?  There's so much wrong with this concept I don't quite know where to start.  But let's begin with the fact that obviously, Mom's DON'T WEAR JEANS.

Of course we don't - we're far too staid, frumpy and downright out of touch with current fashion to want to clothe our aging bodies in denim.  I mean, what are M&S thinking?  There are perfectly suitable floral print mid-calf length skirts readily available in most supermarkets to clad the lower parts of our bodies (I would say 'legs' but obviously we don't mention those.  Far too vulgar).  And if we want to change it up a bit for high days and holidays, we can always venture into Laura Ashley, surely, and pick up a lovely patterned skirt with a matching pie-crust collared blouse to go with it.

Of course, I do appreciate the sentiment.  It's good to know that if some poor deluded mother should decide to go beyond the pale and consider a foray into the world of - shudder - denim, that M&S are there to help her make the correct purchase decision.  It would be awful for her to inadvertently buy something that is clearly only meant for those without children - straight fit, slim fit, god-forbid-skinny fit and so on.

No, much better to be able to walk straight to the 'mom jean' section of the store, where we're meant to shop.  I imagine that we'll probably be able to find wincyette nighties, big pants and housecoats in the same place.

Thanks, M&S.

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