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>> Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We are now 5 weeks into the Boys' summer holidays.  Yes.  You read that right. Five weeks.  And bearing in mind that we are moving from the US school year to the UK school year, we still have six weeks more to go before they re-enter the bosom of educational establishments.

So, that's 11 weeks.  Eleven weeks.

You know, until I just checked the details for this post, for some reason I had myself convinced that their summer holiday was only 9 weeks.  Self-delusion is a wonderful thing.

Anyhow, the Boys and I have been keeping ourselves busy, not least going through cupboards of crap and getting rid of as much as we can before we leave Russia (it's one thing to ask yourself why you keep all this stuff you don't need, quite another to pay to transport from Moscow to the UK).  Now, I thought I had done this job already, a couple of months back.  "Do it before the kids break up from school,"  I thought to myself.  "Get it done whilst you have the time."  So I did.

But we've been away for a week and on our return I thought I would double check there was no more chaff to be sorted from the wheat before the movers arrive to pack it up and ship it to the UK.

Guess what?  Turns out that our house elves - like Nature - abhor a vacuum.  Cupboards that I could have sworn I had sorted out last time around now need sorting out again.

*looks hard at her husband*.

*runs out to buy more bin liners*.


Nicky Samengo-Turner,  23 July 2015 at 12:25  

I'm going to comment on your previous moving post as well as this one - I remember the very conversation when you said you were Moscow bound - incredible really...I wish you all the very best of luck with it all - I bob and weave on the blog front ( no kidding ) but have realised thanks to you who got me into it in the first place - it's actually bloody good fun !

Love to all x

MsCaroline,  23 July 2015 at 13:56  

I thought I got rid of everything extraneous when we packed up to leave Korea in January, but here it is July and I am still unpacking boxes and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Unfortunately, I have no one to blame in this case but myself. Enjoy your last weeks in Moscow and try not to let the House Elves bring you down. ; )

Nappyvalleygirl,  24 July 2015 at 15:00  

Don't worry. We moved into our "new" house a year ago and I sorted out a load of crap then. One year on, the boys' rooms are full of....crap. It never goes, you see.

My boys have been on holiday for a month already. The worrying thing this time is, it seems to have sped by.....

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