Conversations with children; not for the faint-hearted

>> Friday, 24 May 2013

If anybody had told me about the conversations I would have with my children before I had children, I must admit that some of them might have made me pause - just for a moment - and ask whether or not joining the baby race was such a good idea.  Well - that, or I just flat out would never have believed them.  Edited highlights include (but are not limited to):

Conversations about lions and sharks and which would win in a fight (note; remarks regarding the incompatibility of these animals natural elements are usually ignored).

Conversations about dinosaurs and terror birds and which would win in a fight (note: thinking about raising the issues of these creatures hailing from different periods in pre-history?  I refer you to the lion and the shark conversation).

Conversations about whether it is possible to build a bespoke A380 airplane with a swimming pool and vegetable garden along-side.  Because why not, really?  All you need to do is include a mobile airbubble around the garden and bob's your uncle - freshly grown produce at 30,000 feet.

Conversations about why women (specifically, Mum), feels the need to lengthen her eyelashes with mascara everyday (I don't know, child!  I just do, OK?).

Conversations about funnel-web spiders and dung beetles.

Conversations about dandelion tap roots (which, I can tell you, I was pretty damn proud of myself for being on the ball enough to be able to discuss at 8.15am in the morning).

And of course my particular favourite; conversations about childbirth, and how it may be more painful for the baby than for the mother (note; this point of view is strictly that of my children, and without prejudice...).

But now, someone has come up with the perfect way to highlight the sort of ridiculous conversations parents have with their children every single day.  Matthew Clarke has - in a stroke of genius - transferred words that  have issued from his 2 year old daughters' mouth into that of a fully grown man.  The results are hilarious - and more than a little bit creepy.  I suggest that you don't show this clip to any parents-to-be that you know...


nappy valley girl 24 May 2013 at 22:56  

Hilarious, and yes, creepy.

I never imagined that I would have so many conversations involving numbers along the lines of the 'is there a number bigger than infinity?' type.

MsCaroline 24 May 2013 at 23:35  

Working as I do with young children these days, I am privy to this sort of conversation on a daily basis, even though my own boys (thank God) are (mostly) past that sort of thing. I'll never forget the discussion I had with #1 about the hand gesture known as 'the finger' when he was about 8. He wanted to know exactly what it meant, and refused to accept 'It means something very rude and you should never do it' as an explanation. Loved the video and shared it on FaceBook!

Melissa 25 May 2013 at 08:40  

I felt like a bit of a smug mum the other day at McDonalds (ok, not smug about that bit - I had a hangover and NEEDED a big mac). But surrounded by all of the screaming children and popping balloons, my boys were earnestly discussing why Pluto wasn't actually properly part of the solar system (because it doesn't - or rather hasn't since being discovered) fully orbited the sun. And I realised that not once during the conversation did they talk about which planet would make the best home for aliens or what would happen if pluto veered off course and somehow smashed into earth. And I felt sad. My children had become sensible. How dull.

But we have since reverted to type (thank god) and are right up there with your conversations.

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