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>> Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's snowing.  As in, properly snowing.  This is unusual so early in the season; normally we don't see a fall this heavy until around Christmas and possibly not until January, but this year it appears Dyed Moroz (Father Frost) has come early and gone more than a little overboard with his white special effects.

At this moment in time we've gone past this morning's annoying little crystals which swirled around stinging cheeks, and moved onto the pretty, fluffy type of flake that falls picturesquely from the sky before joining zillions of others on the ground.

It looks very picture-postcard like, a good preparation for the festive season.  I should find my camera and get busy.  But you know what?

I am not impressed.

On the one hand I want to wrap up warm and never go out again, and on the other - I want to wrap up warm and never go out again.  Oh, OK.  I'll get over my temporary mood (which may, I'll concede, be more than slightly hormonal), and no doubt by next week I will have unearthed my cross country skis, re-mastered the Moscow Shuffle*, and rediscovered my usual state of very British awe at how Russia's climate refuses to be ignored, but in the meantime I am somewhat melancholy over the fact that I may not see grass again until next  Spring.

Which is - in case you're interested and before you mock my dramatics - due sometime around mid-April.

To cap it all, I will need to pick the boys up from school on foot this evening because the snow ploughs are not keeping up with the weather and the roads are not really safe to drive on, so will no doubt end up pulling the pair of them up the hill on the sledge behind me. (This was quite good fun when we arrived here 3 years ago and they were 4 & 6, but a little more challenging now they're 6 and 9).  On the plus side, however, I'm sure that by that time my inner Mummy Pollyanna will have resurfaced and I'll be making the best of it for their sakes,

It will probably sound something like this:  "What do you mean, it's cold and it's wet?  Come on!  It's snowing!  It's beautiful!"

Yes.  That should do it.

PM squares her shoulders and sets off into the blizzard** on the school run.

*the art of walking on icy uncleared pavements / sidewalks without going head over heels.
** 'Blizzard' may be a slight exaggeration, for effect...


Tim Atkinson 29 November 2012 at 11:40  

Hmmm... I shall keep my complaints about the arctic blast around my cheeks this morning and slightly slippy pavements to myself.

Still, no grass until Spring. At least the snow has the decency to stay and cover it all up. There's nothing sadder than those kind of half-thaws we get here all winter where the mucky snow retreats like a lazy tide revealing tired, wet grass far too early for it to do anything... other than look thoroughly fed-up.

Expat mum 29 November 2012 at 14:26  

We've had below freezing temps this week but no snow, thank goodness. I also hate the lack of green through the winter. There are very few evergreens here so the trees are all like sticks and the grass goes brown. Very depressing.

manycoloured-days 29 November 2012 at 16:59  

I don't miss it at all. Sorry!

jeanie 30 November 2012 at 05:31  

6 and 9 - I am thinking it is a perfect age for them to master the art of pulling mummy in the sled!!!

We don't have such problems over here, much to the chagrin of my 2 (nearly 3) year old who wants polar bears for her birthday...

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