It's not Christmas...

>> Sunday, 4 December 2011

...not yet, anyway. But check on this blog and you might be forgiven for thinking that it is, because today, instead of joining in with Silent Sunday as I usually do (but can't because the weather has been so gloomy I haven't been inspired to take a single photo this week), I'm taking my cue - again - from Tara and answering her question about which is my favourite Christmas song.

It's almost impossible for me to answer this question. I have so many 'favourites'. But Husband and I watched 'Elf' on Friday for the first time, so I decided that the following clip, of Zooey Deschanel in that movie, singing two of my Top 10, would do nicely, thankyou very much...

And then, because for me nothing brings in Christmas like the performance The Messiah at St Martins in the Fields on Trafalgar Square, here's a flash mob performing the Hallelujah Chorus on a food court back in 2010. I think I've featured it before; I KNOW I've watched it before. But every time I do, it makes me cry. I suggest that if you're at all soppy, you have tissues handy.


A Modern Mother 4 December 2011 at 17:22  

My favourite Christmas song? It is certainly not one of those modern ones you hear in the malls (god I sound old). How about: I"m Dreaming of a White Christmas? Im sure you'll have one. hee hee hee

Nora 4 December 2011 at 18:20  

That was wonderful, PM. Thanks very much. XOX

MsCaroline 5 December 2011 at 00:49  

We're big 'Elf' fans here - we listened to Zoe Deschanel's Christmas album on Spotify (maybe Pandora?) the other night...very nice. Love the Hallelujah Chorus and always get choked up when I hear it myself. I've sung 'The Messiah' with several different choirs - why am I never around when these flash mobs happen?

Potty Mummy 5 December 2011 at 07:15  

Modern, actually I hope I don't as I'll be in the UK and it would be very inconvenient... (Don't tell Boy #2 I said that, btw - he was practically in tears when I mentioned the possibility that we might not see any white stuff on our trip back to Blighty)

Nora, glad you enjoyed it!

MsC, I would be worried about joining in though, in case the flash mob got upset with my forgetting the words.

Knackered Mother 5 December 2011 at 14:09  

I'd never seen the flash mob one, fabulous! Teary...

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