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>> Sunday, 20 June 2010

I am a Bad Wife. Why? Because I. Forgot. Father's. Day.

Oh, I can blame the hangover that I'm still experiencing from the party to end all parties on Friday night, of course I can. No further proof of the ageing process kicking in is needed than that I forgot the cardinal rule not to mix my drinks. Starting an evening with vodka cocktails, moving onto white wine and then indulging in more vodka (we do live in Russia, after all) was a sure fire recipe for a messed-up weekend.

Oh, and also a sure-fire recipe for a rather nasty bruise on my right hip from when, sauntering home from the same party to release the baby-sitter at far too-late-o'clock, and struggling to calculate what 5 hours x 250 Roubles + 500 for her taxi home actually was, I lost concentration for a moment and fell off my previously perfect new Campers' wedges. (And as any wedge wearer out there knows, once you start to topple in those babies, there ain't no way to stop until you hit the ground...). Luckily I had already left the party at that point so none of my fellow-guests saw me.

Unluckily, all the staff from the party - caterers, security guards from the compound, drivers of other guests and who knows who-else - were having a smoking convention just about where my fall from grace happened. I tried to style it out -that seemed like a good idea through the vodka-induced haze - and probably made myself look even more ridiculous in the process; springing up, brushing myself down and scampering (well, swaying, anyway) home as fast as my two wedge-encumbered feet could carry me.

So this evening has been spent blog-surfing in an effort to forget my twin shames of the Fall Which Shall Not Be Referred To Again, and of forgetting Father's Day. Although in my defence, Husband arrived home from the same party even later than I did and is only now recovering from his own vodka excess, hunched on the sofa and taking refuge in re-watching the last series of '24' since there's no football to be had on Russian tv right now. I might have preferred to watch our borrowed copy of Mamma Mia, but who am I to complain? I forgot Father's Day*, after all...

Anyway, British Mummy Blogger of the Week. (Apologies for the long preamble. I clearly felt the need to purge...)

This week's Mummy Blogger, Joyce McNicoll of Beauty Judge Blog, writes of herself:

'I like to champion the little guy. I love beauty products which do what they promise (whether made by a little guy or a big guy!) I like cunning ways to get more for your money and random goings-on in the beauty world'

I love her most recent post about weird and wacky beauty products (bacon-flavoured lip-balm, anyone?), and her signpost (geddit?) to ShopPulse is a reminder to me that checking out new blogs is ALWAYS worthwhile... OK, so I'm not likely to wear what's on there (Browns was my preferred eye-candy today), but a blogger can dream, right?

Note: For the British Mummy Bloggers Ning, click here. (And it's called 'Mummy' but Dads can be members too...)

* Fathers Day will be celebrated in this house, just on a rescheduled date, when I've had the chance to dig out the card I bought in London two weeks ago and have unearthed the presents and pictures that the Boys brought home from school at around the same time, both of which I hid safely away so that they would be ready for today. You see? It never pays to be too organised...


Expat mum 21 June 2010 at 04:17  

I wish I could make "pissed as a friggin' fart" sound quite so refined. We'll be keeping an eye on you at Cyber Mummy that's for sure. ('Cause of course, none of us drink.)

Potty Mummy 21 June 2010 at 07:42  

EPM, I'm trusting you and Drunk Mummy to keep me on the straight and narrow. Oh. Wait...

Jennifer 21 June 2010 at 10:02  

Can't FD be like the Queen's Birthday....rescheduled for BAD weather, so that he can spend the entire day in front of the Tube...though I suppose all fathers are doing that this month because of World Cup? As for toppling on the wedges...this is like trying to back the LR into a tiny parking space with an entire battalion of Metro Police watching. Yuck Yuck Yuck....

dulwich divorcee 21 June 2010 at 10:30  

Surely you are only now recognising Russian Father's Day, which has probably not been invented yet? So with you on the wedge falls, a long way down and a looooong way up again. I often feel some shoes should come with their own matching zimmer frames

Nora 21 June 2010 at 16:45  

You really should get a zimmer frame. I highly recommend it. Have it sitting by the front door ready to go next time. You wont fall down and you will make a dignified exit and everybody will think you're very brave for doing without it all evening.

nappy valley girl 21 June 2010 at 18:49  

Ah, well. When in Moscow, I suppose one has to get drunk on vodka at least once....

(By the way I hear you're having very hot weather. My Dad is going to Moscow later this week for a holiday..... with his Russian girlfriend!)

Potty Mummy 21 June 2010 at 18:58  

Jennifer, can I take it that the parking situation has happened to you too recently?

DD, actually Russia has a 'Men's Day' which is when all men are celebrated (don't get upset now, there's one for women too). Missed that one too, actually...

Nora - genius!!

NVG - just the once? Blast. Am over my tally already. (AS for the hot weather, it's true. Tell your dad to bring sunblock. And a universal plug for the bathroom sink - sadly that one doesn't seem to be an urban myth...)

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