>> Friday, 6 July 2007

Pushing water uphill...

Have just rushed home - exhausted - after the supermarket shop to end all supermarket shops. Despite all my good intentions, the car is yet again packed with never-ending 'stuff'. Clearly I don't need it as I go every week and then come home to throw out all the healthy 'stuff' - bought with good intentions - that didn’t get eaten from the previous week's trip. But I digress... potty training.

4th August 2006

Potty training today; non-existent. Went to Kew Gardens to meet a friend with her two kids (needless to say, potty trained much earlier than mine), and Boy #1 managed to wee on the kids play area. He glanced round at me with a pained expression as I was giving Boy #2 a bottle (and was, therefore, immobile) and started to drip on the floor. Oh, the shame as all those just-so Richmond mummies pointedly ignored what was going on as I whipped him into the loos to repair the damage. Oh yes, and did I mention he was actually wearing a nappy when this happened? Won’t mention the brand name though as I don’t think it was the nappys’ fault: it just couldn’t hold back the deluge caused by the enormous amounts of apple juice the boys are drinking in the heat.

Redeemed myself afterwards by finding a hill (no mean feat in flat Kew gardens) and showing Boy #1 how to roly-poly down it. Hilarious apparently – although not so hilarious that he was prepared to try it himself. Too much of a city boy to get grass in his hair? Perhaps not… something tells me that if we ever get round to adventure sports with him that there might not be a fearless ‘throw yourself down the hill’ attitude showing itself (like his father’s), but more of a ‘let’s take this very slowly – so slowly in fact that if we weren’t going down-hill we would actually be going backwards’ approach (like me).
Note to self: must be careful not to limit expectations of Boys based on own cowardly attitudes. Instead, must hope for the best and pray that they be as calculatedly reckless as their father – which still isn’t much but an improvement on my cowardy custard approach….


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