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>> Tuesday, 12 May 2015

In preparation for our impending move back to the UK, I am slowly forcing myself to go through all the cupboards so that we only take with us what we actually want and need when we arrive.

This follows what I can only describe as our rather chaotic exit from the UK over 5 years earlier, when I wrote this post following the foolishness of having left Husband in charge of the packers whilst I ferried the Boys from one set of grandparents to another whilst we moved out of our London flat.  My favourite excerpt from that post is this:

'2.  Packing enough bed linen for 4 double beds and 2 singles - twice over - is a somewhat pointless exercise when you are currently living in what is basically a 2 bedroom cottage.

3. Likewise towels. What were you expecting PM, to be training as the local midwife?'

So this time around, I'm trying to be ruthless.  It's tricky.  I'm not good at throwing stuff away.  I mean, who knows, we might need that weird shaped  metal... thingy when we get back to England.  Or the broken Dyson hand-held vacuum.  There will always be a use for that, surely? Tell you what; let's just charge it up and see if there's been some terrible mistake and it does actually work?  (It doesn't).  Or that collection of instructions on how to put together the ikea shelving units that we plan to donate to charity before we leave here - surely they might come in handy?

You can see what I'm up against.

But I'm trying my best, which is why this morning I went through the Boys' clothes for the third time in 3 months and still managed to find 2 large bagfuls that no longer fit them and which I probably could have got rid of last time but which for some unaccountable reason, I missed.  Probably because I was too busy cooing over the clothes that I REALLY can't bring myself to get rid of and which I have stored in a special hamper to take back to England and pull out in 5 years time to marvel at. What's in the hamper?

Well.  I was hoping you would ask that (if only so I could write it down here to remind myself of the reasons why I kept this motley collection)...

  • A collection of hats (sun, baseball, and cold weather hats) - were my sons' heads EVER that small?
  • A collection of long-sleeved t-shirts that have featured in photos of both boys over the years (my favourite, for obvious reasons, must be the Trans-Siberian Express one from Gap, although the fleecy polar bear one and the bright blue rhino one tie for a close second)
  • The kilt that Boy #1 wore for his kindergarten extravaganza back in London (as featured in this memorable post, here)
  • A swiss prehisto t-shirt featuring dinosaurs in cow print, and a bright striped short-sleeved t-shirt (retained for the same reasons I held on to the long-sleeved ones)
  • Boy #1's first school jumper (No idea why that one made the cut other than perhaps to remind me of what a god-awful colour it was)
  • A smart dress shirt in a gorgeous pale blue and cream print that both Boys wore about, oh, twice, but which again I have strong memories of and so can't part with.
  • A teeny-tiny pair of socks and a cuddly pram blanket that did service for both Boys #1 and #2 (no explanation needed).

What items of your children's clothing can't you bring yourself to part with?


Mwa 12 May 2015 at 20:33  

I'm terribly unsentimental. I prefer photographs in certain pieces of clothing, and then I'm happy to chuck em. All of them. Like I said, terribly unsentimental.

pottymummy,  13 May 2015 at 09:12  

See, I like that. I just can't DO that. Although I *am* able to throw most things - just not those few items...

pottymummy,  13 May 2015 at 09:12  

See above for your reply, MWA - just forgot to click the right box!

Iota Manhattan 13 May 2015 at 18:36  

That lovely blogger, Plan B, has her children's first shoes cleaned up and framed. They're in little boxy frames on the kitchen wall. How inventive is that?! I did give away mine, because I wasn't going to export them to America and back, but that was hard. I've got the first ever sleepsuits they wore, and one or two tiny baby things (eg a tiny white cardy hand-knitted by my mum). Don't think I could part with those. But older kid stuff - it's all gone. Not enough storage space...

Muddling Along 14 May 2015 at 16:20  

I still have 3 massive bags of girls things in the roof that were the things I couldn't bear to get rid of when we finally agreed we couldn't go through anything more to have no3 - probably should go through it now I'm in a different place. Remember a day spent sobbing whilst holding up little clothes (and now I have a boy happily wearing pink vests...)

pottymummy,  14 May 2015 at 18:54  

You're right - very creative. And don't get me wrong, I don't have a lot of stuff - just a small wicker hamper's worth. What I'll find when we get back and go through the long term storage, however - that's another story...

pottymummy,  14 May 2015 at 18:55  

No harm in putting it off for a bit longer though, I guess - until you REALLY feel ready to do it. x

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