The ingredients for my perfect tea-break...

>> Friday, 24 April 2015

Warning: this post does not feature proper tea.  Or milk.  Or a china cup.  Or a digestive biscuit.

(I'm not going to be allowed back into the UK, am I?)

Hot water, camomile tea, and a Dutch stroopwaffel perched on top until the syrup in the middle of it heats up to the point that it reaches just the right consistency of gooey.

Oh, and a pretty insulated cup given me by a good friend, that keeps my tea hot for as long it takes me to drink it.


What are the ingredients for your perfect tea break?


I do drink 'proper' tea - but not often (the caffeine upsets my stomach).  And decent digestive biscuits are hard to come by here; the ones produced outside the UK, whilst they might bear the McVities name, do not match up to what you can get back home.  Trust me on that; I speak as someone who has conducted an extensive series of taste tests...


Mwa 24 April 2015 at 14:15  

I'm having decaf Tetleys today, and would love a ginger nut with it, but I'm being good.

MsCaroline,  24 April 2015 at 16:01  

So funny - I just stumbled across stroopwaffeln last week (for the first time) and they're wonderful. Digestives have been a whole new thing for me - I love them because they're not too sweet. I've no idea what we'd call them in American English - they lie somewhere between a 'cookie' and a 'cracker.'

Iota Manhattan 24 April 2015 at 16:05  

I drink decaf tea (if you want a way back to "proper" tea). Otherwise peppermint, or lemon & ginger, or one of the other fruity ones that has caught my eye in the supermarket. And you can't beat a Digestive, though I don't ever have them in the house, as I can't just have one, and end up eating far too many. Either that, or I go to the cupboard and find the packet has been emptied by someone else.

Abernethy biscuits are the Scottish equivalent of Digestives: plain, and not too sweet. Try those sometime.

I like the idea of melting the syrup in that stroopwaffel...

expatmum,  24 April 2015 at 19:49  

I just realized this morning that I was drinking a Tetleys blend of black and green tea. I was wondering why it was a bit weak looking but it tasted OK.

pottymummy,  26 April 2015 at 14:12  

EPM - um - yuck? (Sorry - not a fan of green tea. Much too bitter for me)

Iota - Abernathy biscuits are now on my list!

Ms C - you're continuing your European education, I see! (We love stroopwaffeln - the boys are addicted.)

Mwa, thing is, not sure what the point of decaff is (I don't love the taste standard tea so much that I'll go that far for it!).

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