A top suit. Not to be confused with a top coat..

>> Thursday, 4 July 2013

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding that a friend (mother to her own boys 1 and 2; B & H) had recently with the landlord of her holiday let, I had the opportunity to overhear today what my sons consider the correct appearance for any kind of landlord...

Boy #1:  "B said, when they checked into the apartment, that the landlord was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, so they (B and his younger brother) knew that he couldn't be a proper landlord..."

Boy #2:  "Yes.  Because that is no way for a landlord to dress."

Me (suddenly interested in what was previously only a 2 way conversation between my children):  "So, what do you think a landlord should be wearing?"

Boy #1:  "Well.  They should be handsome.  Smart.  Tidy hair.  With proper shoes."

Boy #2:  "And they should be wearing a top suit."

Me (confused): "A 'top suit'?"

Boy #1  (very definitely):  "Yes.  A top suit."

Me:  "Okaaaay.  What is a 'top suit', exactly?"

Boy #2:  "You know.  Very smart."

Boy #1:  "Yes, with a bow tie.  Oh.  I mean, a toxic-suit.  No, I mean a tuxedo.  A tuxedo..."

So now we know, folks.  If your landlord is not dressed to the nines when he pops by to collect the rent, and is not wearing 'proper' shoes, he is no damn good.  Consider yourselves warned.


Ann Cordner 13 July 2013 at 12:09  

Aren't kids brilliant?

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