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>> Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On walking into my sons' bedroom first thing...

Good morning!

None of us really needs to see that, do we?

Well, if you want to see it, I suggest you look in the mirror.

No, I won't hold the mirror for you.

And your brother is not interested, either.

Well - if you're cold, getting dressed might help sort that out.

Into your clothes, not your dressing gown.

Yes I know your dressing gown is warm and cuddly but you're supposed to be getting up.

Yes, getting up now.  And then come in here and brush your teeth.

Now, please.

I've left your toothbrush on the basin in the bathroom.

Aren't you dressed yet?


No, I don't like Shouty Mummy either.

No, she's not very lovely, is she?

Well, maybe if you did what you were asked to do the first, second, or third times, she might not make an appearance.

Yes, that is a good idea.

So, shall we try that?

I love you too, darling.

Yes, even that bit of you.

Yes, you do still need to get dressed...

*Disclaimer;  not all of the above may have been heard in the Potski home this morning.  But all of the above has been heard in the Potski home at some point before 8am on other, unidentified mornings...


Iota 12 June 2013 at 09:23  

I've had a new experience this morning. I sent my son an email to his school address. It said


Today we are hosting a barbecue at home. It’s at 8.00. Before then, you need to pick up your bags from the hall. I hung your coat up, but I’m not clearing up the rest.


It's one way of avoiding the shouting.

London City (Mum) 12 June 2013 at 13:11  

I solved this. I left the house before they even got up - get me!


Knackered Mother 12 June 2013 at 16:57  

Aaahhhh, Shouty Mummy. She keeps crashing in on our mornings too :)

nappy valley girl 12 June 2013 at 17:17  

Shouty Mummy is at her best in the mornings here, and also reappears around bathtime.

21st Century Mummy 13 June 2013 at 06:13  

On school days alarm goes off at 6.20am and I have to drag myself and my 5 year old out of bed. She starts school at 7.50, obviously some cruel person's idea of a joke. I am NOT a morning person. I have been known to turn into a monster mummy on the odd occasion.

Melissa 13 June 2013 at 10:11  

Shouty mummy in our house REALLY lost her rag this morning and may have used an expletive after a child said: 'Stop telling us what to do all the time, it's really boring to listen to.'
Like it isn't boring saying it EVERY SINGLE DAY 10 TIMES A DAY!!!!!!
This after I'd asked them to clean their teeth repeatedly (as I have to do every day) but instead they fight and unroll the loo roll and swap match attack cards etc.

So I set them a challenge. It went thus:
If they can do the following items every morning for a full week without me having to ask once, I will pay them each £50. (I said £50 because I knew it would get their attention and I know that my money is safe):
- Get dressed for school
- Come eat bfast when called
- put bfast scraps in bin
- put plate in dishwasher
- clean teeth
- get school bag/sports bag ready
- get shoes on
- be ready to leave at 7.50
- do not fight

If they manage to achieve this, it will be worth the £100 investment just to save my voice and sanity.

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