What was YOUR favourite Christmas present?

>> Saturday, 29 December 2012

Want to know what my best Christmas present this year was?  (Other than, of course, being in the same place as my husband for 2 continuous weeks, reconnecting with family and friends etc etc etc).

Prepare yourself for some serious hard-core glamour...

Well, bearing in mind it was -16degC when we left Moscow just over a week ago and I suffer badly from Reynaud's Syndrome, which leaves me with dead fingers if my hands get too cold (one of the perils of having poor circulation), I would have to say, these:

Other women may long for something small and sparkly in a leather-clad box on Christmas Day and I must admit, I would have been very happy with something like that.  (As it happens, I did also get a leather-clad box but mine was empty except for the two chocolates Husband had put into the travel jewellery case I had also requested).

But on balance, the gloves are my favourite present; it's pathetic how excited I am at the prospect of slipping a chemical heater into the special zipper compartment on the back of each glove and daring the Russian winter to do it's worst. There you are however; that's the rock & roll lifestyle I lead.

Gloves, chocolate, and a little portable luxury in the form of a leather travel jewellery box that fits neatly into my handbag.  Husband more than covered all the relevant bases.  I am a lucky woman.

So come on, spill: what was your favourite Christmas present?

  • This post was inspired by one from Expat Mum here, a fellow Brit living in a cold climate...
  • Not a sponsored post, btw...


Russia Lite 29 December 2012 at 14:24  

My fur-lined boots for the upcoming Big Chill rank high, as does, of course, my zucchini corer. Look out for stuffed goodies coming right up!

Expat mum 29 December 2012 at 15:31  

Thanks for the shout out. My best present this year was a hamper full of gourmet British foods from a nearby Brit shop. Very posh and such that probably none of my American friends and family will want to partake. (Christmas pud isn't that popular with them.)

Mrs. Munchkin 29 December 2012 at 20:30  

To be quite hokey....my favorite present was honestly spending our first Christmas in Moscow, seeing the munchkins so happy and having dinner with Diamand Lady. I know that is three, but wrap it all into one as "the day." It was one to never forget. Miss you! Come home soon lovie!!

Iota 30 December 2012 at 10:21  

OK, so this is just our little secret. I'm hoping Husband doesn't read your blog. He's ordered me Series 2 of Modern Family on dvd, which hasn't arrived yet. I know, because I saw the confirmation of the Amazon order in our email. Looking forward to it arriving in the post, and feigning surprise. It will be my favourite present - I LOVE Modern Family. Love it.

PS The word verification is teeneas. Does Blogger think I have one? (a teeny ass)

Iota 30 December 2012 at 10:22  

Zucchini corer. Does that exist in real life? I think I need one!

Iota 30 December 2012 at 10:25  

I've just had a horrible thought, inspired by watching "Love Actually" last night. I'm assuming the Modern Family dvd hasn't arrived yet. But what if it did, and Husband bought it FOR SOMEONE ELSE? Oh gosh, Potty. My life could all be unravelling in real time on your blog!! I mean, what younger, slimmer, sexier woman could fail to be charmed by a gift of a Modern Family dvd? Why didn't I think of that?

The word verification is definitely trying to boost my ego here. Now it's ilowate (I low weight).

Irene 30 December 2012 at 13:03  

Mine was a very luxurious and much needed pedicure that my daughter paid for. I now have the softest feet I've had since I was a baby and very sexy toe nails. It was an experience worth repeating.

Clare Taylor 30 December 2012 at 21:17  

RL - a zucchini corer? Sounds interesting but - do we really need one? The fur-lined boots, however - hand them over!

EPM, anything you don't get round to eating, send it Russia-way please!

MrsM, sounds wonderful! See you soon...

Iota, I think Blogger is working overtime on the word verification thing. As for your not getting 'Modern Family' - yet - don't panic. It's all OK. Love Actually is not real life (or at least - not yours...x)

Irene - will add it to my list for next year! Happy New Year!

Emma T 1 January 2013 at 10:55  

Mine was my Kindle Paperwhite from the husband. Loving it (although not impressed that ebooks are so much more expensive than print books for the authors I love).
Also love my padded butterfly noticeboard from my mum. It was on a list I wrote for my MIL but she passed it on to my mum so was a surprise.

Sophie 3 January 2013 at 11:26  

Mine was my new iPad mini that my husband bought me, much easier to use than a laptop.

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