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>> Tuesday, 30 October 2012

For the last couple of weeks, as the daytime temperature in Moscow has vacillated somewhere between 6 and 12 degreesC and the final few leaves have clung stubbornly to the trees, I've been thinking about writing a post entitled 'Winter? Bring it on...' or some other such nonsense.

It was going to be all about how I don't particularly enjoy Autumn and Spring here in Moscow.  Sure, the beginning of the former and the end of the latter are pretty and have their own charm, but on the whole the trees are bare, the grass is beginning to thin out showing the bare earth beneath, and everything is just so unremittingly... dreary.  Plus, there are those difficult wardrobe choices.  Heavy sweaters, or layers?  Duvet coat to roast in, or sassy jacket to shiver in?  Hell, you never even know which shoes to wear - boots, which will feel so heavy by the end of the day but keep out the rain, or late summer sneakers, which aren't quite so full-on but will result in cold feet? - or indeed what the changeable weather is going to bring.  No, I thought to myself, once Winter properly bites, life is much simpler; it's cold, get on with it.

Well, Winter has bitten - at least by British standards.  We had proper snow - about 15cm of it - on the car when we woke up on Sunday morning, followed by freezing rain throughout the day (such lovely conditions in which to see Red Square, as we did with some friends who are visiting us at the moment), and since then the temperature has hovered around 0degC.  We have unearthed the boys' snow pants; found, lost, and found again their hats, gloves and scarves; and I'm sitting here looking out of the window as a mixture of hail, snow and sleet falls on the crusting of ice on the roads and pavements.

And as it's not even November yet, this is the warmest it's likely to get until some time next April.  In fact, before too long, 0degC is going to seem like some impossibly tropical temperature as we shiver down in the minus teens and below.

Bring on Winter?  What the hell was I thinking?


Mrs. Munchkin 30 October 2012 at 17:32  

You were thinking it because you have been hanging around with me too long, but not often enough :-) my excitement for the unknown has stirred your knickers...or is that pants? No wait! Knicker bottoms?? Trousers!!! I look forward to snowman building and snowball fighting with you very soon :-)

MsCaroline 30 October 2012 at 21:31  

I've no idea what you were thinking, but I'll gladly carry my too-heavy coat home from work every afternoon for as long as I can. I just hope your wintry powers are limited to Moscow and don't have any effect on the weather in Seoul....enjoy!

DD's Diary 2 November 2012 at 11:28  

Well, at least that's your wardrobe choices sorted for the next six months! Have you got one of those norka hats yet with the earflaps?

kateonthinice 3 November 2012 at 18:20  

Made me smile. Always interesting to get an insight into life in another country

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