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>> Monday, 10 September 2012

Boy #1 is 9 years old today.

Nine. Years. Old.

How did THAT happen?  I swear it was only yesterday that I was thinking about getting pregnant, then - once I was pregnant - found myself suffering from waves of nausea so bad I couldn't even think about looking at discarded gum on the pavement let alone be anywhere in the vicinity of frying onions.  Then, once the first trimester was over, blissfully wobbling through pregnancy thinking that having a baby wouldn't change me, not at all, and see you on the first day maternity leave is finished...

Surely it was just last night that I lay joking in the delivery room with the doctors (yes, joking - you gotta love those epidurals) about feeling like a cow and asking which was Tristran and which was Siegfried Farnham, before having Boy #1 pulled forcibly out of me - with something that resembled a hoover - and handed to me with powder-blue skin and the biggest eyes I had ever seen gazing straight into mine.

And wasn't it just this morning that we fled the noisy, over-crowded maternity ward with Boy #1 snuggled like a little bear in his maxi-cosy, to the safety of our own flat where Husband and I sat down on the sofa cradling him softly in sheepskin and asked each other, without saying it out loud;

"What now?"

Here is 'now'.  Here, with a happy, healthy, beloved and loving son who delights his parents (when he's not driving us crazy), who is an amazing older brother, and who brings so much to our lives that they are inconceivable without him.

Happy Birthday, Boy #1.  If I were any prouder of you, I would burst.  Love, Mama x


Mrs. Munchkin 10 September 2012 at 10:04  

Happy Birthday Boy #1! I hope your day is a special one filled with blessings! And lots of cake!

Expat mum 10 September 2012 at 14:33  

Awww. bless. It is amazing how quickly times flies. Have a great day. x

nappy valley girl 10 September 2012 at 19:53  

Happy birthday Boy 1 - I feel the same, my older one will be 8 next year and I can't call them the Littleboys for much longer....

Ditzy Mummy 11 September 2012 at 07:56  

Happy birthday to your son it was my eldest boys birthday yesterday as well, he was 8. Weirdly the other Charlie in his class was also 8 yesterday. Popular day to give birth!

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