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>> Thursday, 9 September 2010

It doesn't do to make too good a job of it when you are asked to write the minutes for a PTO meeting. Otherwise all future written communication will suddenly become your job...

Getting a group of lateral-thinking women together to plan a school event (like, for example, a Craft Fair) is all very well and you will end up with some very creative ideas. Just bear in mind that when you try to translate your notes to write up the minutes it may take some time to join up all the dots, what with all the jumping around from subject to subject that you will do during said creative discussions.

There will always be one woman who is as much concerned with the colour & design of the team t-shirt as she is with making sure the event runs smoothly.

The 'C' word is not a four letter one in the school my son attends. The 'C' word, never to be uttered in the school for fear of upsetting the authorities who have chosen to ignore it (along with, let it be said, all other religiously based festivals no matter what the faith), is 'Christmas'...

...Consequently I am planning on making a trip to the Christmas department in Selfridges on my next trip back to England to buy as much offensively festive kit as possible, and may even do the school run from end November onwards in a Santa Claus bobble hat.

Keep your head down and take a step backwards when your son's class teachers ask for helpers. Do not under any circumstances stand there waving your hand in the air, admit to having written some children's stories and then offer to read them to the class. Or you will find yourself nominated 'Writer in Residence' and in charge of steering the children's first creative writing lessons. (It's 'put your money where your pen is' time...)

That low key party you've planned for your son's 7th birthday? There ain't no such thing as a low key party for a 7 year old...


Tattie Weasle 9 September 2010 at 14:37  

no no no just say NO and never volunteer - well I always mean to do that but fail miserably I think it's all that enthusiasm at school thinga nd wanting to be teachers pet. I think it's ingrained...good luck and looking forward to the cheery santa hat pix!

nappy valley girl 9 September 2010 at 17:30  

If the not mentioning Christmas thing is because it's an American school, there will probably be Santa hats galore despite the lack of C words. I have never seen so many Christmas decorations as over here, despite the fact that you can only ever refer to 'the holidays'.

Mwa 10 September 2010 at 22:11  

I joined then unjoined the PTA. Ran away screaming.

Grit 11 September 2010 at 14:22  

well if i ever wonder whether i make the right decision, i just have to read this post, pm!

on this side of the matrix, the parents tell the kids it's their job to form the committee.

BECKICKLESIE 12 September 2010 at 22:42  

Hahaaaa - my son is only 2. I yet have this to come! But I do remember always volunteering my Dad to do bits of things at school. After about 3 years of this he was in three times a week leading mini IT sessions as a parent volunteer.

I think he enjoyed it, but now I'm older I do recognise that it was TOTALLY my fault. Poor bloke!

Becca xx


Gail 13 September 2010 at 16:08  

Ooh watch out for the crazed expat women you describe here. They can be truly nut case and leave you questioning your own sanity. I have just come to look at how you are getting on in Moscow. I am down in Almaty (only 5 hours flying time south of you) and visited moscow this summer when hubby was there on business. What a big bad smelly old place Moscow was in the 36 degree heat wave with smoke! Well, good luck!

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