Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And the Winner is...





Congratulations Grit, you got 42% of the Carnival votes, which makes you the winner by quite a lot. (And yes, I did have to work out that percentage on excel. You want to make something of it?).

Anyway, if you would like to re-read the wonderful post Grit submitted to the most recent Best of British Parent Bloggers Carnival, click here, and enjoy.

Now, I've been tagged. 3 times in the last 2 days, actually, so bear with me whilst I try and sort out who wants what information - this may get a bit confusing. Rather like the time my mother asked me to put the t-towels away and to clean the bathroom, and I ended up cleaning the bathroom with the t-towels. It was only when she realised that I had included the loo in my cleaning endeavour that she lost her sense of humour about the whole thing...

Right. Funnily enough all three tags / meme's involve the number 7, so here goes.

Jo Beaufoix got in first, with the following tag to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (see the link on the sidebar here if you have a spare moment to help make a difference). Here's what I - and the 7 people I nominate - have to do...

1. Put the logo in your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Add your link to the list of participants below

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

Simple enough. Assuming of course I can insert the logo without completely messing up the text format as I normally do, but I guess you will be the judge of that...

Next up, Carol B, a new visitor, who has tagged me to reveal 7 random things about myself. I have done this before but it's been a while, so I will assume you are as forgetful as I am and do it again. Although obviously, I will think up new things. Obviously. (And you would have to be really anal to trawl back through my posts and try and find the original. I'm counting on it, actually.)

So, here we go. 7 Random Facts. Sorry, I mean 7 Completely New Random Facts...

(Apologies to those of you who have been good enough to keep reading this blog for a while - some of these facts may seem slightly familiar...)

1. Aged 8, my parents gave me a pair of folding scissors in my Christmas stocking. Not smart of them really. They realised this when I cut a hole in the curtains. In my defence, it's important to test these things out on materials other than paper, and the spot I chose couldn't be seen when the curtains were open. When they were shut, however, the sun shone through onto the dining room table like a spotlight onto a stage.

2. After a particularly nasty break-up I got so drunk with two girlfriends that I was still inebriated when I reached the office the next morning. I had to spend 2 hours sleeping under the boardroom table before I was sent home... (not my finest hour)

3. I met Husband on a blind date. Really. You saw it here first; they can work.

4. Aged 17 - this one is really going to date me - I was so appalled by the news footage from Ethiopa that the next morning I collected £200 for Oxfam, by going round every class in school first thing in the morning and refusing to leave until they had handed over all their spare cash. The only reason I got away with it was because I had only moved to the school 3 weeks earlier, so had no reputation to trash...

5. I learnt to drink vodka working in the Student Union bar of my college because it was - we thought - the only spirit that you couldn't smell in a glass of lemonade, so could help yourself to when the bar manager's back was turned. Even if the myth about the smell were true (it's not), he probably spotted his bar staff getting increasingly drunk on glasses of clear liquid. I think he probably worked it out.

6. Husband and I once met Matthew Macfadyen and family on holiday. Very nice guy - much fatter in real life. (His wife Keeley Hawes, however, is disgustingly beautiful).

7. I have no waist.

And finally, Nappy Valley Girl tagged me, also with a 7 related meme... but it's getting late NVG - can I do it tomorow? (Also, let's be honest, I can't cheat on this one with a previous post, it's going to involve some thought, so I need an extension on my homework...)

Now, to minimise work for everyone (and most especially me) I am going to break with tradition and tag the same 7 people for both of these, and they are, in no particular order:

Nunhead Ramblings
Millenium Housewife
Footballer's Knees
Country Lite
Expat Mum
Working Mum
Boondock Ramblings


  1. I remember the awful footage from Ethiopia too. I had just put my 4 month old younger son to bed after his late evening feed, all plump and sleepily-milky (no idea how to spell that but you know what I mean), to be confronted with the most horrifying pictures of dead and dying babies. I just sat there and cried. The worst thing is that babies are still dying unnecessarily in far too many places in the world...

  2. Of course it can wait (and you don't have to do it at all!) Like your random facts - especially 2 which made me chuckle - and am sorry to hear that Matthew Macfayden is on the porky side in a real life. (He looks rather slim in Little Dorrit, so maybe he's been dieting?)

  3. Gutted that Matthew M is a bit on the porky side. You've crushed my fantasy night with the M of all Ms....
    Your list made me laugh.

  4. Well done Grit, and Thank you Potty Mummy for the tags. I am SO busy right now (three kids doing too many activites, all in different places, husband in England plus the Xmas stuff) that it might take me a few days.

  5. Congratulations to Grit on a job well done, as always.

    I liked your 7 new random facts and how honest you are about yourself. I liked the bathroom story the best, because it sounds like something I would have done.

    I am looking forward to the next 7 new random facts.

  6. Sharon, you're right. And there is nothing more I can say to that.

    NVG, I should clarify. This WAS over 2 years ago, and he did admit he was pigging out some and had to start with a personal trainer so, I guess the fat description isn't fair right now...

    M/M, see my comment to NVG above. I think you're probably safe to fantasise about M now.

    EPM, no pressure. If you don't get round to it, that's fine. (You know how it is, you get the tag, then you work out who won't beat you up for passing it on... - no slight intended to you or NVG, by the way!).

    Irene, asap, I promise! (And yes, my sis has never let me forget the bathroom incident).

  7. i am blushing and may have to blub a bit now, and can only say a big thank you to all those who voted for everyone. i have had a jolly good time wandering around the blogs for this carnival and have discovered many astonishing lives, all more interesting than mine, so thank you for hosting, pm.

    and i like your disreputable behaviour in the office; it serves only to augment you, since only women of a real style can carry this off.

  8. I don't think I care that Matthew McFadyn is fatter in real life, I'd still say yes!

    Thanks for the tag, I was tagged with this one a few weeks ago and haven't got round to it yet, but I will.

  9. Круто. Добавлю блог в избранное и друзьям посовету. Ждите новых читателей :) (Ага. Жду.)


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