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>> Sunday, 16 September 2007

Just a quick blog today, but I had to relay what happened to me last night.

Husband and I were at a friend's wedding yesterday, and so have been off gallivanting - w/o children - all weekend as a result. Consequently we were able to drink far more than we were used to, stay up late (didn't get back to the hotel until 3.30am this morning; get me for young and trendy. I am, of course, paying for it now in shedloads....), and generally wander around unencumbered with the usual enormous hold-alls, plastic bags, buggies and toys that accompany the progress of our two Boys.

It was a great wedding, lots of interesting people, and of course they only became more interesting as the evening progressed and the beer / wine / champagne goggles were ever-more firmly fixed upon my face.

At one stage I got into conversation with a guy in a cutting-edge suit and an interesting job as head of marketing for a fashion chain in Austria. Well, as interesting as a job can be in Vienna, anyway. On learning of my great age (40 - say it loud and proud), and the fact that I had two small children he came out with the immortal line (said in a very camp and rather fey voice); 'But surely not! You don't look used at all!"

No doubt he was suffering from similarly thick beer goggles, and non-pc it may have been, but his flip comment made me fall off my chair - and rather embarrassingly, warmed the cockles of my heart...


EmmaK 18 September 2007 at 02:16  

So funny! You should have said, "Yes, I have been used, but I've been very well refurbished and could stand a good hammering."

Potty Mummy 18 September 2007 at 13:30  

Hi Emma,
thanks for the visit, and yes I should... but that would have required rather more verbal dexterity than I was capable of at 2am after rather a lot of alcohol. And frankly, I felt pretty damn used by the hangover next morning - not sure if he would have been so flattering if he'd seen me then...

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