>> Wednesday, 8 August 2007

So the summer holidays are still going, so I took the boys to Legoland on Monday to try and break the monotony; not the biggest success in terms of rides achieved since they were both a little too young for a lot of them, but both were totally bowled over by the mini-world. If I'd only known before-hand that a lego train was all it took to ensure total harmony and silence as they stared, fascinated, at the miniature version of Holland and the trains trundling along the dykes... It went completely over my head - but perhaps this is a man-thing.

On to the retrospective view of potty training...

August 16th 2006
Well, dear reader, wish I could give you better news, but Potty Training today was a bit of a wash out…(pun intended). Think the final total was 4 accidents. Not that I should call them accidents really as am convinced Boy #1 knows exactly what he’s doing (notice how even when he’s not distinguishing himself can’t stop the ‘isn’t my son clever?’ attitude of all mothers shining through…). Have resolved that if the Monday night success stands alone by the end of the week, we will forget the whole thing for a few weeks and then start again. When he’s at school, maybe. Or even university?

Received one boost though – bumped into an ex-neighbour of mine at the park with her older child – 3 in June - and spotted his training nappies. Hurrah! Am not alone after all! However, they are off to the grandparents at the weekend for a fortnight and she seems convinced her mother will sort things out. Hmmm. Must have a word with mine…


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